2013 Mexico - One World Travel Tour

Our friends, Nico and Emily took a year off to travel and it was time to pay them a visit.  What better time to head down than late Fall--just in time to experience the unique Day of the Dead celebrations.  So, six of us packed our bags and first headed to Mexico City for some city life, Lucha Libre and fine dining.  After a dizzying weekend, we set out for the slower pace of Zipolite--long, slow days in a hammock, yoga in the afternoons, and relaxed and warm bars with sand and Micheladas.  Our beach life was cut short by the want to get to Oaxaca City in time for the Day of the Dead celebrations.  From the cemeteries to the streets, the city was abuzz in its unique rituals.  

Mexico with eight of your closest friends can be a challenge on a good day.  Take a look and see if we made it through two weeks without driving each other loco.