2013 Mexico City 2.0 - One World Travel Tour

While most would have gone straight to the beach--and stayed there for longer-- we agreed that Mexico City offered too much for us to pass on.  What we got was inconsistent access to water, a hostel room we called the dungeon, and little or no help at the front desk.  But, it offered three days of the best street food, street art, and street shooting one could find anywhere.  This return trip I got to experience Lucha Libre for the first time, see Frida's house again and see more of Mexico's art culture--even if the National Palace was closed and the murals of Bellas Artes were covered for renovations.  We took our time, did less but saw more.  So, whatever it is you doin Mexico City when you visit, it is guaranteed to be a total sensory experience.  Prepare for overload.

For Mexico this time, I finally had some serious camera gear--and this trip would be all mirrorless...small, portable, discreet...and professional quality.