2015 Europe - One World Travel Tour
2015 03 04 Istanbul3 292

Traveling is an addiction.  I love the cultures, the colors, the food... and I love to explore a big city.  There is an element of chaos and frenzy that surrounds a city visit.   It's like a choose-your-own-adventure--every experience is unique, never to be duplicated.  That is why I'll readily return to somewhere I've traveled to before--it is about discovery and seeing something again at a different point in time and perspective.  My perfect "travel tour" usually combines some destinations I've been to before, while allowing new destinations to unfold. 

And photography documents these moments.  I like to set out to simply document my experiences within a place, as it happens, as a kind of run-and-gun process.  Rarely do I plan out, set up or stake out a photo shoot.  Mostly, I want to capture what happens in front of me-- in the streets, experiencing the sights and smells--.  As photographer, I want to be within the atmosphere, not outside it.  Some say street photography can be invasive.  I try to think of it as immersive. 

Airline miles and timing helped shape this itinerary.   We settled on an ambitious plan: we would see several of Europe's greatest cities: London, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Paris.  By our last day, we were ready for a much needed city-break and toured the Champagne countryside.

Below are some select photos of our trip.  Enjoy!

Jayme Wiseman