2016 Havana Vedado - One World Travel Tour

We departed Santiago early on a Saturday morning.  Many musicians and DJs were on our same flight back to Havana.  We learned that a few of them would perform that night at Fabrica de Arte, a unique art and music space for the festival Musicabana, and were invited to attend. 

So, we spent our last day exploring this other end of the city, Havana Vedado.  We went the the cemetery, lingered on the malecon (or boradwalk) with the locals, and walked the city streets and met our friends, Marco and Annina, for lunch.

We would be up nearly all night to see our friend from Manana, Nicodemus, perform to a full house of eclectic Cubans and tourists alike.  Our flight would leave at 6am, but we would relish every last moment of the hedonistic life, here in Havana Vedado.