2012 Mexico DF - One World Travel Tour

The first question I usually get when telling someone I'm visiting North America's largest metropolis is, "Why would you go to Mexico City willingly?"

I find a city that is teeming with art and culture.  A place where sights and sounds are both chaotic and vibrant, 'DF' is a city rough around the edges. Yet, it is a city that appears to be in the midst of a resurgence.  It is everything from glitzy to gritty, and often downright dirty.  But, a city of this caliber cannot be ignored, and strangely it largely is by the American tourist set.  Yet, for the more adventurous, it holds many treasures to be discovered.

Here, we explore several of the City's neighborhoods on bike and with the subway. We zip quickly from the trendy restaurants and art galleries of Roma Norte and Condesa; we head through  business and bar district Zona Rosa and eat tacos like the locals; we stroll through Alameda Central's park on our way to the steps of Bellas Artes, where Diego Rivera's murals can be found; and finally, we window shop and people watch as we walk the last lag to the city's center, the Zocolo.  Tomorrow, we'll make it to Coyocan, the neighborhood of Frida and Trotsky, and walk in their footsteps as we visit markets and cantinas. After that, we'll tour the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at the pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan, and stop at a Mezcaleria to taste Mexico's spirit.  We won't have time to do it all, though.  However long you have in Mexico City, there will be reason enough to come back, and rediscover what many Mexicans simply refer to as 'Mexico', all over again.